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Gastric Banding > Expected Outcomes

The success rate for gastric banding weight loss surgery is reported as being slightly higher than gastric bypass surgery. All weight loss surgical techniques however demonstrate excellent results for weight loss.

Gastric Banding is reported to have a 40-50% loss of excess weight after the first year alone! Gastic bypass is reported as a 65-70% loss of excess body weight after the first year but is a much more complicated surgery with a longer recovery time. For most people it is recommended to have gastric banding surgery first, and if later required, to have gastric bypass surgery.

The expected outcomes for gastric banding are:

  • Shorter recovery time than other weight loss surgeries
  • Rapid wieght loss of 40-50% of excess body weight after the first year
  • Excellent success rates in achieving weight loss
  • Continual wieghtloss for 18-24 months after surgery
  • Minimal weight gain in the first 2 years
  • Easy adjustment of the LapBand if weight gain is noticed

While some weight gain is common about two to five years after surgery, for the majority of patients, proceeding with gastric banding surgery leads to a happier, healthier and more active life!

If you would like to discuss the expected outcomes of gastric banding, please contact Dr Clement Tsang for your personalised assessment and outcomes.

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