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Incisional Hernia repair

What is an Incisional Hernia?

The abdomen is a large, muscular sack that contains the internal organs. If an abnormal opening occurs in the usually strong muscular wall, the internal organs can bulge out. This bulge is called a hernia. An incisional hernia is a tear or weakness in the muscular abdominal wall at the site of a previous surgical incision. During open abdominal operations an opening is made in the muscle layers that is closed with stitches. Scar tissue gradually forms creating a bond between the two sides of the incision. This scar tissue connection is never as strong as normal tissue and can tear or give way under a variety of conditions. When the scar tissue gives way, an incisional hernia is the result.

Symptoms of Hernias

Some hernias cause no symptoms at all, but most patients describe:

  • dull aching sensation
  • sharp pains
  • nausea
  • constipation
  • fullness in the abdomen

If a loop of intestine pushes its way out through a hernia it may become trapped, leading to an intestinal blockage. This situation is known as an incarcerated hernia needs to be treated right away to avoid strangulation and gangrene of the intestine.

The repair can be perform via open or keyhole technique, very similar to umbilical hernia repair

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