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Gall Bladder Surgery > Is keyhole surgery always possible?

For routine surgery, where the gallbladder is not acutely inflamed, at least 95% of gallbladder operations can be performed safely using keyhole surgery. Sometimes, even in routine surgery, it is not possible to be sure exactly which structure is which. This can be related to scarring around the gallbladder from previous attacks of gallbladder pain or sometimes to unexpected bleeding during the operation. In this instance the major concern is that the wrong structure is not cut. If the surgeon is in any doubt about the exact anatomy the keyhole operation is abandoned and an incision under the ribs on the right side is made and the surgery is safely completed using the open technique. Where the operation is performed as an emergency, up to 50% of operations will need to be done with the large incision. If you do wake up after the operation with a large incision instead of keyhole surgery you should be reassured that your surgeon placed your safety and long term health before the convenience of a keyhole operation.

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