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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

To calculate your BMI adjsut the sliders to match your body height (cm) and weight (kgs) to get your instant BMI result!

Your Body Mass Index is

What is a good BMI?

Under Wieght Under 18 Very Under Weight
A Little Under Weight Between 18 - 20 A little underweight
Normal Weight - Healthy Weight Between 20 - 24 Normal Weight - Healthy Weight
Normal Weight - A little overweight Between 24 - 26 Normal Weight - A little Overweight
Normal Weight - Over Weight Between 26 - 30 Over Weight (You may be eligible for Gastric Band)
Over Weight Over 30 Obese (You are eligible for Gastric Banding)
Morbidly Obese Over 40 Morbidly Obese (You are eligible for Gastric Banding)

Want to find out more about your BMI result?

Now that you have your instant Body Mass Index (BMI) result we would be happy to discuss this result with you in much greater detail. If you would like to discuss your BMI result online then use our Ask a Surgeon section, where Doctor Clement Tsang will be waiting to respond to your questions. Or alternatively, why not ring up your closest consulting office listed on the right hand side of the page and make an appointment to see Doctor Clement Tsang in person to discuss your options including Gatric Banding, Gastric Balloon, Gastric Bypass and Laproscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. You have the power to change your life now! So don't hesitate, call your private surgeon today to make a booking.

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