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St Vincent’s Private Hospital

St Vincent’s is a world-class public hospital offering best-in-class services, facilities, and expertise, along with educational opportunities.

St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney has an international reputation for innovation and is regarded as a centre of excellence for clinical care, research, teaching and medical leadership.

St Vincent’s Hospital was founded on the principles of compassion, care and respect for all people – and these ethical tenets are still the driving force behind their philosophy and methodology.

Dr Clement Tsang holds admission rights at the prestigious St Vincent’s Hospital and believes in their philosophy and methodologies. With the latest equipment, best-in-class service, facilities and expertise, your care before, during and after surgery will be of the highest quality.

St Vincent’s Hospital is additionally a tertiary teaching hospital which provides acute care services to inpatients and outpatients from the local community, throughout the state and nationally. It is one of Australia’s leading public hospitals, recognised as a centre for excellence in clinical care, research and training.

St Vincent’s Hospital is committed to providing the best possible health care and support to patients, their families and the local community, continually enhancing facilities and introducing new services to better meet the needs of patients. St Vincent’s Sydney works closely with many external service providers, the local community and of course, the patients and their families.

Dr Clement Tsang highly recommends attending Surgery at St Vincent’s Hospital, however, also recognising the needs of other patients, Dr Clement Tsang brings his expertise to other surgical facilities to deliver high quality surgery to a wide range of patients and conditions.

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Dr Clement Tsang
Consultant Surgeon

Waratah Private Hospital clinic
Level 2, 31 Dora st Hurstville 2220

Keyhole surgery Centre

 Level 8, 187 Macquarie st, sydney
Mon-Friday 8 to 4.30pm 

Campbelltown Private Hospital Clinic
Suite 12, level 1

42 Parkside Crescent, Campbelltown 2560